Cheatsheet: zkTelegramBot Template


This cheatsheet contains the full zkTelegramBot template config, as well as an explanation for each parameter.

zkTelegramBot Template Config

  // NO UPDATE. Template type
  type: "zkTelegramBot",
  // UPDATE. App information
  metadata: {
    name: "Sismo Citadel", // UPDATE. Your app name
    slug: "citadel", // UPDATE. Your app name in the form of a slug (no spaces allowed). It will be the last part in the URL, eg: apps.sismo.io/sismo/citadel
      "Prove you are a Sismo Community member to join our private Sismo Citadel Telegram Group.", // UPDATE. The description is used for SEO and social media preview of your app
    image: "sismo_zktelegrambot_citadel_500x500.png", // UPDATE. Image for your app, to be placed in the images folder
    tags: ["Telegram"], // UPDATE. Add one or two tags to describe your app
    createdAt: new Date("2022-07-01T00:00:00.000Z"), // UPDATE. Edit the date here to today's date YYYY-MM-DD
    lastUpdateAt: new Date("2022-07-01T00:00:00.000Z"), // UPDATE OR REMOVE. Edit the date here to last update date YYYY-MM-DD
  // UPDATE. Sismo Connect request, see "Cheatsheet: Build Your Sismo Connect Request"
  sismoConnectRequest: {
    appId: "{{ auto-fill }}", // NO UPDATE. Sismo Connect appId is automatically created based on your app metadata
    claimRequests: [{ groupId: "0xd630aa769278cacde879c5c0fe5d203c" }], // UPDATE OR REMOVE. Select group
  // UPDATE. Config for zkTelegramBot
  templateConfig: {
    step1CtaText: "Prove you are Eligible", // UPDATE OR REMOVE. 1st step text when users click on the app, "Sign in with Sismo" by default
    step2CtaText: "Join the Citadel Telegram Group", // UPDATE. 2nd step button text, on submitting the form
    appDescription: "You will prove that you are a member of Sismo Community to join our Sismo Citadel Telegram Group.", // UPDATE OR REMOVE. Description for your app
    telegramGroupId: "", // UPDATE. See "Add your App in the Sismo App Store"
    telegramInviteLink: "", // UPDATE. See "Add your App in the Sismo App Store"


Parameters Explanation

  1. type: zkTelegramBot template.
  1. metadata: app information.
    1. name: formal app name, should reflect the app's function or purpose.
    2. slug: URL-friendly "your-app-slug”, unique and descriptive, in lowercase and with hyphens. Part of the URL that refers to your specific app, eg: “apps.sismo.io/space-name/your-app-slug”.
    3. description: summary of what your app does or its purpose.
    4. image: name of your image, to be placed in images folder space-configs/images/.
    5. tags: keywords associated with your app used to classify it.
    6. createdAt: creation date for your app, eg: "2023-07-05T18:00" for a creation date on July 2023, 5 at 18:00.
    7. lastUpdateAt(optional): last update for your app, eg: "2023-07-05T18:00" for a creation date on July 2023, 5 at 18:00.
  1. sismoConnectRequest: Sismo Connect request made to users’ Data Vault. To learn how to customize this part, read
    Cheatsheet: Build Your Sismo Connect Request
  1. templateConfig config specific to zkTelegramBot.
    1. step1CtaText(optional): call to action. Displayed when users click on the app, before being redirected to their Data Vault to generate a proof.
    2. step2CtaText: call to action. Displayed after users return from their Data Vault with a valid proof.
    3. appDescription(optional): brief description of what to expect from your app.
    4. telegramGroupId : id of the group, which the telegram bot is added to.
    5. telegramInviteLink : telegram invite link.

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