Sismo Release Notes #1

Sismo Release Notes #1

Just a month ago, we introduced Sismo Connect. Our current goal is to explore its diverse use cases. To achieve this, we are actively engaging with builders at hackathons. Together, we aim to delve into the full potential of Sismo Connect. To facilitate builders' understanding and efficient onboarding, we have implemented a few updates: a sample project, a tutorial on integrating the Sismo Connect Solidity Library, and product-centric documentation.

Sismo Connect is a privacy-preserving SSO for apps to authenticate, request and verify data onchain from users for access control or reputation importation.

Sample Project

Sample Project - an easy way to showcase Sismo Connect abilities. It consists of 3 easy examples of possible integrations with increasing complexity:

  • Case 1: private auth
  • Case 2: private auth & data request
  • Case 3: private auth & multiple data requests
Sismo Connect Sample Project
Sismo Connect Sample Project

GitHub repo:

Tutorial: How to integrate Sismo Connect onchain

This tutorial will guide you on how to integrate the Sismo Connect Solidity Library into your application using the example of gating an airdrop to some NFT holders. It explains how to:

  • create an application in Sismo Factory
  • set up a Sismo Connect client configuration
  • create a Sismo Connect button to request user data proofs
  • verify these proofs onchain

Note: We use Foundry for our smart contract dependencies but support for Hardhat is also available.

GitHub repo:


We understand the importance of accessible and user-friendly documentation. Therefore, we’ve revamped our docs to be more product-centric and easy to navigate for builders. Our docs are now split into the following sections:

  • What is Sismo? — introduce Sismo as a communication protocol and highlight the core Sismo experience
  • Discover Sismo Connect — showcase Sismo Connect applications with concrete examples
  • Build With Sismo Connect — everything devs need to start building with Sismo Connect
  • Sismo Factory — guides on how to use the Factory for devs and community builders
  • Knowledge Base — miscellaneous information, hidden by default, to give readers the knowledge they need without detracting from the rest of the documentation