Sismo Community

Sismo Community

Welcome to the Sismo Community page, a space devoted to our builders and supporters.

Community contributions, no matter how big or small, are valued and appreciated in Sismo. They fuel our progress and push us to seek for the best solutions. If you’re new or looking how to get involved, this page will help you to get started. Let’s build together 🎭

Sismo Community

Sismo Community Group is our way to recognize and reward the most active contributors and community members.

There are currently three levels of contributors: Sismo Community, Sismo Builders, and Sismo Friends. View the Sismo Community Group in the Factory →

Each level comes with exclusive benefits: access to gated apps, opportunities for early testing, invitations to events, and more.

How to check if you are part of the Sismo Community Group?

Search for your wallet address or GitHub/Twitter account using cmd+f or ctrl+f in the json file.

✔︎ Your account is in the group ⇒ you’re part of the Sismo Community. The value displayed next to your account is equal to your level.

✘ Your account is not in the group ⇒ you are not part of the Data Group yet.

Lvl 1 | Sismo Community

Sismo Community welcomes anyone interested in Sismo. It's the perfect starting point for those wanting to learn more about what we do and how they can get involved.


  • TBA

How to get level 1?

  • Follow @Sismo on Lens
  • Subscribe to Sismo blog
  • Sismo ZK Badge holders
  • Previous Sismo Contributors level 1

Lvl 2 | Sismo Builders

Sismo Builders, or Sismo Community Level 2, is the essence of our community, dedicated to those who are inspired to shape and grow the future of Sismo.


  • TBA

How to get level 2?

  • Hack on Sismo during a hackathon
  • Tech contributors: resolve issues on GitHub, create new Group Generators & Data Providers, report bugs and provide feedback
  • Non-tech contributors: create content about Sismo, advocate for Sismo on social media, actively help in Discord or Telegram
  • Previous Sismo Contributors levels 2 & 3

Lvl 3 | Sismo Friends

Sismo Friends, or Sismo Community Level 3, comprises our best contributors. Members of this level have a significant impact on the dev process and form long-lasting connections with the Sismo core team.


  • Personal support from the core team
  • Citadel chat for most active builders and friends

How to get level 3?

  • Win Sismo bounties at a hackathon and receive a personal invitation from one of the team members
  • Win a hackathon using Sismo Connect
  • Make an exceptional/recurrent contribution and receive a personal invitation from one of the team members


How to join Sismo Community?

Sismo Community is a group of our contributors. There are several ways how to contribute:

Tech contributions

  • Build your Sismo Connect apps
  • Create new Groups Generators, Data Providers
  • Solve issues on GitHub
  • Report bugs

Non-tech contributions

  • Create content about Sismo: videos, articles, social media posts, art
  • Spread the knowledge about Sismo on social media
  • Be active and helpful in Sismo’s Discord or Telegram chats
How to check if I am part of the Sismo Community?

Sismo Community levels reflect your contributions.

Check if you are part of the Sismo Community by searching for your account (wallet address, GitHub or Twitter name) in the Sismo Community Group.

If you find your account, you are part of the Sismo Community. The value displayed alongside your account represents your community level.

I have a Sismo Contributor ZK Badge, is it transferred to the new community levels?

Yes, all Sismo Contributor ZK Badge holders are part of the new group based on their Badge’s level.

Why I can’t find my account in the Sismo Community group?

If you can't find your account in the group, it may be because you have not yet met the criteria for any level in the Sismo Community, or your contributions may not have been acknowledged as yet. If you suspect an error, we encourage you to reach out to the Sismo team via Discord or Telegram.

Last updated: @September 5, 2023