Identity Hackathon 2023

September 29, 2023 → October 17, 2023

🏆 Sismo Bounties

Apart from the hackathon prize pull, Sismo is offering a $2000 USD bounty for builders who leverage Sismo Connect.

  • Best Sismo Connect App: $2000

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📚 Builders Companions

🎭 Sismo Connect

By using Sismo Connect, an easy-to-integrate single sign-on (SSO), applications can now obtain personal data that was previously inaccessible, while respecting user privacy.


Integrating Sismo Connect is similar to integrating Sign in with Ethereum:

Sign in with Ethereum
Sismo Connect
Frontend integration
Request signature from a user wallet with eth_sign
Request zk proof of data from user data vault with sismo connect client library
Backend integration
Verify signature offchain with ecrecover
Verify zk proof with sismo connect backend library (typescript)
Smart contract integration
Verify signature onchain with ecrecover
Verify zk proof with sismo connect smart contract library (solidity)
Verified data
1 wallet ownership
Multiple account ownerships (EVM, Twitter, Telegram, GitHub) + multiple group memberships (owners of a NFT, follower of an account, voters in a DAO)

🙋 Support

Sismo team is here to help you. Reach out to us in Telegram or Discord.