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Sismo Builders

Sismo Builders

This page contains all the resources to help you start building with Sismo: learning materials, hackathon info, some ideas for projects.

🗓️ Sismo Events

Connect with Sismo team IRL or build with us online.


🎭 Sismo Connect

By using Sismo Connect, an easy-to-integrate single sign-on (SSO), applications can now obtain personal data that was previously inaccessible, while respecting user privacy.


Integrating Sismo Connect is similar to integrating Sign in with Ethereum:

Sign in with Ethereum
Sismo Connect
Frontend integration
Request signature from a user wallet with eth_sign
Request zk proof of data from user data vault with sismo connect client library
Backend integration
Verify signature offchain with ecrecover
Verify zk proof with sismo connect backend library (typescript)
Smart contract integration
Verify signature onchain with ecrecover
Verify zk proof with sismo connect smart contract library (solidity)
Verified data
1 wallet ownership
Multiple account ownerships (EVM, Twitter, Telegram, GitHub) + multiple group memberships (owners of a NFT, follower of an account, voters in a DAO)

📚 Builders Companions

🚀 Projects built on Sismo

Explore the apps created by the community and powered by Sismo Connect. Submit your project →

🏆 Wall of Winners

NameDate# Bounty winners
October 6, 2023 → October 27, 2023
4 projects
October 6, 2023 → October 8, 2023
5 projects
September 29, 2023 → October 17, 2023
1 project
August 21, 2023 → September 18, 2023
2 projects
July 21, 2023 → July 23, 2023
8 projects
June 23, 2023 → June 25, 2023
5 projects
May 19, 2023 → May 21, 2023
5 projects
May 12, 2023 → May 14, 2023
3 projects
April 2, 2023 → August 21, 2023
3 projects

💡 Ideas for Builders

Gated Services

Request and verify zk proofs from privately aggregated data across social graphs, blockchains and wallets to grant access to your onchain/offchain app.

Example: users prove they follow you on Lens and own your project’s governance token to claim an airdrop (onchain) or access a telegram group (offchain).

Reputation-based Services

Leverage web3 social narrative without compromising on privacy. Request zk proofs about sensitive financial data together with public social data to provide unique experiences for the community: from social rankings to rewards systems.

Example: incentive system where rewards scale with the aggregated value of held NFTs. Users with a higher portfolio valuation in verified NFT collections receive premium benefits.

Sybil Resistance

Add a layer of Sybil resistance to your app without compromising user privacy.

Example: Only users with Gitcoin Passport score >15 could get faucet tokens.

Account Abstraction

Gate an abstracted account controlled by Sismo's Data Vaults, using personal data such as web2 account ownership, proof of Sybil-resistance or NFT ownership.

Example: subsidize gas fees to users that prove to be unique humans or own your project’s governance token.

Anon User Authentification

Authentificatie users in anon way by App-specific anonymous user ID natively provided by Sismo Connect.

Example: Share a private note with an anon user, which can only be read once.

Signature Messaging

Build an app leveraging signature messages associated with zk proofs via Sismo Connect.

Example: users prove to be unique humans to send a private message to a recipient.

Question or need help? Reach out to us in Telegram or Discord.