Sismo Resources

Sismo Resources

Welcome to the Sismo Resources page. If you are looking to dive deep into all things Sismo and start building with us, this page will direct you to the necessary resources. You are in the right place!

🎭 Sismo 101

Sismo leverages zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and privacy-preserving technologies to enable users to aggregate their social capital and selectively disclose personal data to applications.

Our core product is Sismo Connect, an easy-to-integrate SSO. Sismo Connect apps can safely obtain user data that was previously inaccessible.

We’ve recently introduced Sismo App Store, a central hub for users to discover new Sismo Connect apps.

Key Terms

What is a Data Vault?

A Data Vault is a sovereign, local and private identity aggregator. Users import personal data into the Vault and can generate ZK proofs from it.

What is a Data Source?

Data Sources can be: Ethereum wallets, GitHub, Twitter or Telegram accounts. Users aggregate their identity by adding Data Sources to their Data Vault.

What is a Data Group?

Data Groups are sets of Data Sources where each Data Source has an associated value. Example


💎 Sismo Connect 101

Sismo Connect, a crypto-native single sign-on (SSO), enables applications to request any data privately aggregated in a user’s Data Vault.

Sismo Connect apps can request users to:

Authenticate: Request and verify proof of Data Source ownership.

Data Sources:

  • web3: Ethereum wallets
  • web2: GitHub, Twitter, Telegram
Selectively disclose data: Request and verify claims about their Data Sources.

Examples of claims:

  • Member of the Contributors to Sismo Hub GitHub repo Group
  • Member ENS DAO Voters Group with value ≥ 4 (voted more than 3 times)
  • Member of the "Stand with Crypto" NFT Minters Group, with value > 10
  • Member of the Gitcoin Passport holders Group, with value > 15 (= Sybil-resistance score higher than 15)

We wrote a series of case studies explaining how Sismo Connect can be used for different needs: Sybil-resistance, privacy-preserving aggregation & gating and anonymous user identification. Each case study is based on a live app that you can try and access the source code.

Explore the case studies:
Sismo Connect: Case Studies
Sismo Connect: Case Studies

🕹️ Sismo App Store 101

The Sismo App Store is a central hub for discovering all apps built with Sismo Connect (Demo mode available).

Build your own app:
Sismo App Store Resources
Sismo App Store Resources
We are currently not merging new Pull Requests. Make sure to get in contact with us in Discord if you intend to create a new space and/or app.

The App Store is open-source and designed for builders to effortlessly create new apps. These resources invite you to:

  • Create a new Space for your community by following a tutorial
  • Add new Apps to your space from templates:
    • zkForm: Forms gated by ZKPs (lotteries, feedback forms, form to send swag, etc.)
    • zkTelegramBot: zkGate telegram groups
    • zkDrop: zkAirdrops of transferrable or non-transferrable NFTs

⚒️ Sismo Builders

We continuously seek to connect with builders IRL and attend hackathons all over the world. Together we will unlock the power of sovereign identities.

🌐 Current Events

  • by EthGlobal, October 6 - 27, 2023

All Hackathons & Builders Resources:
Sismo Builders
Sismo Builders

💜 Sismo Community

Everyone who contributed to Sismo is automatically added to Sismo Contributors Group. There are currently three levels of contributors:

Level Name
Sismo Community
- Follow @Sismo on Lens - Subscribe to Sismo blog - Sismo ZK Badge holders - All previous Sismo Contributors level 1
Sismo Builders
- Hack on Sismo during a hackathon - Tech contributors & Non-tech contributors - Previous Sismo Contributors levels 2 & 3
Sismo Friends
- Win Sismo bounties at a hackathon and receive a personal invitation from Sismo - Win a hackathon using Sismo Connect - Make an exceptional/recurrent contribution and receive a personal invitation from Sismo

Each level comes with exclusive benefits: access to gated apps, opportunities for early testing, invitations to events, and more.

How to get involved:
Sismo Community

 Questions? Reach out to us in Discord